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I am available for virtual world presentations and discussions via the online virtual world while we are all dealing with COVID-19. When safe, I will again be available for in-person visits to your community, campus or organization to elevate the conversation, inspire individuals to action, and educate all members of the community about the facts behind the history and the stories behind the labels. I am a seasoned educator in the field of special education as well as the parent of Amy, a young woman on the autism spectrum, in addition to being the sister and champion of Donna, who lived with Downs Syndrome until her death at the age of 59. 


Take Action

Bring Deborah to your community, campus, or organization to elevate the conversation and inspire activism and compassion. Deborah is available for online conversations and presentations for virtual trainings and other opportunities.


Spread The Word

Tell your friends and family about Uniquely Stella and Deborah’s platform. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Buy the book and make an impact!

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