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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

10202020 has been circling inside my consciousness since the year 2020 began its tumultuous reign. By 10202020, the cancer treatments will be over. By 10202020, the cancer will be forever gone! By 10202020, I will be completely healthy. No one will remember the car crash. I will be able to forget what I don’t want to remember but remember everything that I should remember. Covid will be a distance, horrid memory. The smoke will have dissipated into clear, crystal blue skies. There will be no killer bees or whatever the terminology was or is. The fires will be extinguished and houses rebuilt. Storms will blow away. By 10202020, people will be reading my book AND they will like it and give it 5 star reviews everywhere. UNIQUELY STELLA will be a best seller! Well, ok, that one wasn’t exactly on my top ten list - more a dream. Yet by 10202020, I did celebrate my birthday by actually going into a restaurant which is a rare circumstance. Today is 10202020, my birthday. I am well and feeling fine. So, I can’t quite remember everything exactly the way it was but my world is experiencing a positive spin. Those 10202020 goals didn’t all come to pass, but they are not forgotten.

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Maris Menenberg
Maris Menenberg
Jan 23, 2021


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