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As the rain dissolves the summer heat into lukewarm puddles, I have decided to make a list of things I should do today.

  1. Take a nap. I just woke up. Put this at the bottom of the list.

  2. Maybe read a book. I have a dozen by my nightstand at various starting and ending points that I have been reading. I have read my own book a dozen times, so that can go under the pile. How do I choose? Put that at the bottom of the list.

  3. Write. Why? No one reads it. I'm writing a list now. That should be sufficient. Well, at least think about writing something.

  4. Find the online class on how to combat procrastination. Do that later.

  5. Find other online classes that I haven't taken yet on writing and marketing. Are there any left? Maybe one that actually works. I'll think about that later.

  6. Clean the house. That is only on my list for show. It's not going to happen.

  7. Power just went out AGAIN! Call PGE. Luckily I am on my laptop.

  8. Cancel #7. I forgot to charge my cell phone. Landline won't work because Comcast/Xfinity (or whatever they call themselves now) is also out.

  9. Cancel #4 & #5. No power. My laptop power will probably only last until this list is finished.

  10. Do laundry. Oops. Can't. No power. What a shame.

  11. Have Amy do her own laundry, but at least she has a good excuse now.

  12. Amy wants to go shopping for a new phone. Good heaven's. Didn't she just get one a year ago? (But it wouldn't surprise me if that phone store was the only place that has power on the island)

  13. Maybe try to figure out Convert Kit to send out emails about my Kindle Vellas. Why?

  14. Possibly find someone who can show me how to do Convert Kit. It still totally baffles me.

  15. Put a new blog in my website. What is a blog anyway? Why am I calling it a blog? Why bother writing one. It has been maybe a year since the last one. No one reads them.

  16. Type story I wrote on the river cruise and edit. Or at least think about it for awhile.

  17. Find the email of the passengers I met and let them know I wrote about them in my story. Try to remember their names. Where did I put their emails?

  18. Text friend if she wants to go to lunch - if she is well enough after the last lunch. Need to charge my phone first, but the power is out.

  19. Flyer says he wants to go on the boat. Russell will remind me that it is raining (as if I haven't figured that out). Flyer doesn't care. He gets wet anyway.

  20. Water outside plants. Scratch that. Put that on another list for another day.

  21. Get rid of dead plants. Maybe they will revive in the rain. Maybe they should just go peacefully.

  22. Make new bookmarks to include Kindle Vella stories. Need someone to show me how. See # 14 above.

  23. Pay bills and mortgage online. Ooops, can't. No internet.

  24. Go to #1.

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