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Stars are glittering on the ceiling of the airplane. They are not real stars, only an illusion in the relative darkness of the cabin. I am seated in a cave of sorts. It makes me realize how very lucky I am. Traveling is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am not so sure the actual journey to get to a destination and back is mine. However, if I touch one of these little buttons, someone will bring me tea. So, I won’t whine about the travel, but as to the adventure, now that is a tale I won’t soon forget - hopefully.

This is how I started the story I am currently writing about my excursions in Egypt. I wrote a few individual tales when on the Nile River cruise. A few passengers listened to me read it to them. I may have pressured them somewhat, but they did laugh. Now, I am in a quandary whether I should make these writings into a full-blown book, a Vella in a few episodes, or file it in yet another box of unpublished Deb stories.

Please check out my current stories: Amazon Kindle Vella - The Resource Teacher (9 episodes), Another Free Dinner (3 episodes), Uniquely Us- Tales from a Resource Room - The Test (7 episodes)

I am told that some people are finding it difficult to find the Vellas. Here is a quick instructional manual:

1. On your desktop or laptop go to

2. Drop down menu, go to Kindle or Kindle Vella

3. Menu bar type in Deborah Menenberg. Hopefully that will get you to my stories.

4. The first 3 episodes of each story are FREE. Afterwards, you acquire tokens. It is very cheap. Usually only a few cents per episodes. My little stories are typically short, fun and easy to read. Please start with #1 AND also PLEASE hit the thumbs up icon at the end of the story.

5. I hope you will enjoy my stories. ALSO, if you haven’t already done so, UNIQUELY STELLA, my novel is also available on Amazon. It makes a nice gift!


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