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Another Free Dinner

Maybe I should have called it “How I Met My Husband” or “The Absurdities of Online Dating” because both of those are true. Instead, I titled my new Kindle Vella story “Another Free Dinner” because that is also true and realistic. Almost twenty years ago, I thought it might be fun to join thousands of other single souls into the world of computer dating. Writing the profile about myself was easy. Getting a somewhat interesting photo of myself that would entice eager eligible dates was tougher than I had anticipated. My sister, Judith Dickenson Ackaret, seemed eager to help me on my quest. Earlier in the year, Judy had drawn and painted a mural on an outside wall of my house. We decided it would illustrate my destiny. Or maybe I was the one who thought that. I can’t remember, but many, many years later I am still baffled how accurate it turned out to be. Judy suggested that I squat down next to my cartoon character, and she would take a photo for my new online dating profile. We thought it would be perfect, so that very same day, I sent it in to They did not approve it. In my request to understand why, I received notification that they were unable to tell which character was me! That was the start of my online dating quest.

The first episode of ANOTHER FREE DINNER is out now on Kindle Vella. You can also read the entire 9-episode story called THE RESOURCE TEACHER which is now complete. Both are in the humorous category. Also, my historical fiction novel UNIQUELY STELLA is available through Amazon in paperback, kindle, and kindle unlimited. You can get a signed copy directly from me via email.

THANK YOU again for your support. I hope you will enjoy my stories.

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