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The Christmas season is a special time for hope.

Hope has a special meaning for all of us in our own special way.

For me it is an understanding of time lost in a hidden past hopeful that those sorrows will never reappear.

It is hope for who we truly are now and all that we can be in the times to come.

A few years ago, I talked to my mother about the book I wanted to write about her and my sister, Donna, who had Down Syndrome. She was very pleased yet hesitant at the same time. The glow of her facial expression changed from joy to contemplation, maybe even fear. I will admit now that my confused thoughts filled me with worry as I saw my dream of writing this unique story inspired by my mother would all be in vain.

She looked at me and simply said, "I ONLY ASK THAT YOU MAKE IT HOPEFUL." That is what I was determined to do. Uniquely Stella could have gone dark with sorrow and anger. Yet, with each word I thought of her words. This book is truly one of hope!

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