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Kindle Vella - The Resource Teacher

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hello friends,

Throughout my 36-year Special Education teaching career, I wrote stories. I used to send them via post office mail or later by email to family and friends. These were often exaggerated humorous accounts of my life as I envisioned it at the time. A few years ago, my sister found a number of those stories which she had saved. I didn't think to actually keep them. My motivation was only to write. Maybe it was my hobby or a way to relieve stress. I'm not sure. I only know that I got a kick out of writing. My sister and I dusted off these memories and laughed hard.

There are three stories that I have extended and plan to make into a three-book set called UNIQUELY US. Yet, I thought people might enjoy a novella of those early years as the Resource Room was in its infancy. I discovered Amazon's Kindle Vella by chance. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my stories. I rewrote and completely changed some of them.

My story THE RESOURCE TEACHER is now available in short episodes in Kindle Vella on Amazon. The first three episodes are free and listed in the humor category. You can find THE RESOURCE TEACHER by going to On the search bar drop down menu click Kindle Vella. On the same search line type in THE RESOURCE TEACHER. Or you can search through the category called "Humor." Here are the episodes currently available:

Episode #1: Luigi and the Red Wine

Episode #2: Teachers Should Eat Dessert First

Episode #3: Destiny Prelude

Episode #4: Open-Door Policy

Episode #5: Two Truths and a Lie

Episode #6: The Observation

Episode #7: A Silent Win

Episode #8: Razzled Rockets

Episode #9: The Lead on the News

Please find, read, and respond. I would LOVE to hear from you. These likes, reviews, and thumbs up really help me to continue writing.

MANY THANKS! I great appreciate all your wonderful support.


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