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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Things are changing and staying the same. I'm specifically talking about myself. When introducing myself and my blog, I originally mentioned that I was an author, educator and a mother. That is true, but my ideas for a blog come from my daily life and don't necessarily encompass those three identities. So, if you read any of my musings and want to comment, I'm happy to answer. Now I am working on social media and how to sell and/or promote my book UNIQUELY STELLA. My dubious confusion with social media may or may not be due to an age factor. My FB account was originally set up by my daughter, Amy. Every now and then, I check it out to see if she has put anything outrageous on it. At least I know where the delete button is, but that is about it. My book was given its own Facebook page. I think it has more friends than I do which is completely weird. I also seem to have an Instagram page which I've never seen. I think I better do that soon. Finally, I have a twitter account. Twitter used to seem odd to me. It was full of political nonsense and other nonsense. I gave up. BUT, I have been told the error of my ways. So now with help, all these social media accounts have been revitalized under one name - debstories2. That is my email as well. My sister told me to use that in the early days of emails. My name is deb and I write stories, too. Now, I'm reading all these social media accounts with curious interest. Some things have changed, including me.

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Maris Menenberg
Maris Menenberg
23 ene 2021

I have one question for you... how are you such an incredible author?! 😉😄😮

Me gusta
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