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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Flyer, our Golden Retriever, loves the beach. He loves us, too, but sometimes I wonder if he had to choose, the beach might win. Usually we take the boat out to a small deserted sandy beach on the shores of the Columbia river since it is very close to our house. We call it FlyChan beach after Flyer and his friend, Fatty Chan. If we ever happen to boat past it, Flyer will start talking to us so that we make no mistake and head straight to shore. I’m not joking. He makes these noises that must sound exactly like English words to him. Today, it would have been nice to take him there, but although the sun was out and the skies were blue, the wind was bitter cold. So, we hopped into the car and drove to the coast. Of course, the Oregon coast is not exactly warm. Yet we are conditioned to it. The major setting of UNIQUELY STELLA takes place in a small town on the Oregon coast. I’d love to do a contest to see if anyone can guess where Hidden Lake actually is. Any guesses? ….Back on track…Flyer has been chasing the frisbee all afternoon. People watch and laugh or comment how amazing he is. Or maybe I assume that is what they are thinking. What I know for sure is that no one has noticed this billboard on my back! My sister gave me an incredible birthday present last week. It is a hoodie with the cover of my book on the back. If I wear it, people will notice and instantly want to buy my book! I’m a dreamer. At first, I was reluctant to wear it because it seemed odd to be promoting myself like that. Amy told me that it happens all the time. I asked her when was the last time she noticed someone’s book displayed on their clothing. She responded that it wasn’t books, it was merchandise like Nike. Oh. Well, I suppose if the bigwigs can do it, us little people can, too. No one has even commented. Or maybe they are saying something interesting behind those masks. Hard to read lips when hidden like that. If you see a short person advertising UNIQUELY STELLA on her back. That’s me. Say hello and tell me how wonderful Flyer is.

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Maris Menenberg
Maris Menenberg

Flyer is EVERYTHING, end of discussion 😌🐾

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