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The List

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I like to write lists. In fact, I keep a reoccurring daily to do list on hand where it is readily available to check off completed items. Don’t you love it when you can go to a list and check off that you finished a task? I know I do. It is even better if that task has been on various lists forever. Today, I actually completed one of those long thought about projects of mine. I raced to my to do list with a huge red felt pen and glee written all over my face. I checked and double checked. I turned the paper over a dozen times. I looked for other like scrap pieces of paper. I found previous to do lists. It wasn’t listed. I had not written this amazing project down. I couldn’t check it off. Why in heaven’s name did I even do the project? So I rewrote today’s to do list and added this project. What a relief to check off the project. Next, I added ‘make a to do list for tomorrow.’ I’ll keep my red pen handy.

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Maris Menenberg
Maris Menenberg
Jan 23, 2021


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